ColorSync In Intaglio

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Intaglio uses ColorSync to calibrate all colors used within graphics and maintains any color profiles included in bitmap graphic images. There are three potential color spaces used within each document: RGB, CMYK, and Gray. Each document has a preferred color space which is initially set to the default color space in the Preferences Window. If no color space is specified, the initial color space is taken from the default printer.

The preferred color space of a document is the default used for new colors added to the document. However it is possible to explicitly add colors from another color space or to include a bitmap image using another color space. For this reason each document has the option to specify a profile for each possible color space using the command in the Layout menu.

The default color space is selected via the radio buttons (e.g., CMYK in the image above) on the left side of the window and the profile for each color space is selected with the appropriate popup menu. If the default profile is selected for a specific color space, the actual profile used depends on the settings within the ColorSync preference pane of the System Preferences on the computer used to display or print the drawing.