Text in Intaglio

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Intaglio contains many powerful features for creating and editing text. In a few cases, Intaglio features will allow you to edit text in ways that are difficult or impossible using almost any other commercial application.

Font Features

The second item in the Text Menu called "Font Features" contains a submenu that changes, depending on the font currently active, to list the available font features. Not all fonts have added features but some fonts have several. A few fonts such as Apple Chancery and Hoefler Text have many features. Typical features include ligatures and other special characters, letter case (e.g., small caps), number styles, and vertical position. The features in the menu are grouped by category and if you hold the cursor over a menu item, the name of the category will appear in a tip window next to the menu (see image below).

Checked items in the font feature menu are either on or off. Bulleted items have one item on per category.
Choose font features the way you would a font or other text style—select the text and choose the feature in the menu.

Text Attributes

The Text attribute inspector contains controls for attributes such as color, kerning, baseline, and leading adjustment, font variations, and text flow.

  • Kerning is the space between adjacent characters on a line. Kern values can be applied to an entire text block or a character range within the text block.
  • Baseline adjustment moves the base of the characters across the direction of the line. Since most lines of text are horizontal the baseline adjustment typically moves text vertically. This can be applied to an entire text block, but it typically most useful to apply it to characters within the block. In the example below, the subscript was created by moving the baseline of the zero down and the superscript was created by moving the baseline of the exponent up.
  • Leading adjustment changes the space between lines of text. This is applied to an entire text block.
  • Font Variations are properties built into some fonts, such as Multiple Master fonts. Typical variations include Width (e.g., narrow to wide characters) and Weight (e.g., light to heavy characters).

    To set a variation of a text block or range of text, first select which variation in the popup menu, then select the value of that variation using the slider control.

  • Line Wrap Width is the typographical width (in points) of the text block for purposes of text flow. In other words, when the text in the block in broken into multiple lines, the width of each line will be no more than this value. The line wrap width applies to entire text blocks and determines the placement of centered and justfied text. If the "Wrap Lines To Width" check box isn't checked in the text attribute inspector, the text won't wrap from one line to the next, so it will only use a single line. This value can also be set interactively with the triangle shaped handle on the text block when it is selected.

Other Text Properties

Line Direction is an infrequently used property that can be applied to text blocks only via AppleScript. This is a property of a text block that may override the default system line direction (e.g., right to left vs. left to right).