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A fine balance between precision and freedom ... For general illustration tasks and ease of use, Intaglio sets the pace among non-professional drawing tools.Tom Geller, Mac|Life

Intaglio really does seem to evoke the same sense of fun and wonder and play in the world of graphics as MacPaint and MacDraw once did.Matt Neuburg, TidBITS

You don't need mammoth software to create vector graphics with Mac OS X. Modest design studios and amateurs can use Intaglio, which walks the line between capability and ease of use ... Graphic designers won't miss the undeniable qualities of lightweight flexibility and the ingenious, astute approach—including its Mac OS X integration. The pleasure of using it will statisfy Mac addicts of all kinds ... To try it is to adopt it, and because this is naturally done we're enthusiastic about its use.Talkinghead, MacPlus (France)

Pas besoin de mastodonte pour dessiner des vecteurs sur Mac OS X. Les studios de PAO modestes ou les amateurs disposent d’Intaglio, qui trace la voie entre l’ingénieux et le maniable ... Les infographistes lui trouveront des qualités indéniables, dont sa légèreté, son maniement tout-terrain, son approche astucieuse. Ses petits « plus » - au rang desquels son intégration à Mac OS X - et son agrément satisferont les macmaniaques de toutes sortes ... L’essayer c’est l’adopter, et comme son adoption est assez naturelle, nous avons été enthousiasmé par son utilisation.Talkinghead, MacPlus

The following are some of the unsolicited comments we've received from Intaglio users...

Love Intaglio! Thanks for a nice program! I've been waiting an OS X drawing application like this.

I just discovered your application and I can say I am nothing less than amazed.

I'm checking out Intaglio and am blown away. Intaglio isn't bloated, slow, or indirect, yet it is still packed with features and power. Most impressive.

Intaglio is a superb drawing program: powerful, flexible, fast, and elegant. I use it for all my scientific illustrations. It is by far the best tool I have used for this purpose, putting to shame all the complicated and clunky big name/price alternatives. It's the modern drawing program that MacDraw always wanted to be. Fantastic.

I continue to use and love Intaglio. You really have captured MacDraw simplicity with modern functionality.

I “stumbled” across Intaglio yesterday and was very, very surprised by it’s power, intuitive interface and simplicity. I intend to tell my other Mac friends about it.

Intaglio is AWESOME!! Thank you!

I absolutely love intelligently designed, and elegantly implemented software, and your product exemplifies this. It reminds me of a BMW automobile—spartan, but highly functional; everything cleanly accessible without being clunky or cluttered.

Super drawing program.

Intaglio is a great program! ClarisDraw is still used here because of its simplicity and familiarity, but I will tell them throw it away and enjoy the new features of Intaglio.

Great work! Very clean and intuitive. Intaglio really shows what can be done with Quartz.

All I can say is, WOW! This is a truly amazing program. I think I have finally found the OS X-compatible replacement for ClarisDraw that I've been looking for. I was afraid I was going to have to spend hundreds of dollars on a CAD program.

Cool application. I love the simplicity of Intaglio. This is an excellent piece of software that I find very easy to use.

The thing I like about Intaglio is that it is very approachable, sort of like the old MacDraw. Things are were you expect them and work they way they should.

THANK YOU for creating this program! Finally I'll be able to go back to drawing without starting Classic.

I'd just like to say Intaglio makes the best use of CoreImage I've seen in any app, fantastic.

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