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These images show examples of Intaglio in use.

Click on a small image below to see a larger version of it.

A gradient fill applied to a text block, plus text masked by an oval path.
A kitchen floor plan drawn to scale, showing dimensions and layers.
Various examples of lighting, shadow, glow, and filter effects.
Samples of text manipulated graphically. All text in this sample remains editable and available for spell checking.
A lighting effect applied to text to create a metallic appearance.
Automating document creation with AppleScript.
Editing a path consisting of lines and curves, in this case a character converted to a path. Intaglio's pen tool provides professional level control.
Editing a rotated and scaled text block. All text editing in Intaglio takes place right in the drawing, rather than a separate text editor window.
Arcs retain their geometry and can be edited as arcs rather than curves.

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